Water Vending Machines are also known as WVM and Water ATM. It works on the principle of reverse osmosis. These are normally installed in public places or private spots like a shop or a shopping complex. The prime use and significance of these machines are to provide clean as well as healthy drinking water to the general public at reasonable rates.

It can be called as a new generation product, which comes extremely helpful in dispensing pure drinking water.

As a matter of fact, the water available at these ATMs far more safe and clean as compared to the water sold by Water trolleys, that too at nearly a similar cost. Thus, it is a superior option.

Is water vending machine safe?

The ability to purify and provide safe, clean and affordable drinking water with many purification processes which makes it an ideal solution for high footfall locations like bus depots, railways stations, and shopping malls, etc. Some of the salient features of WVM include;

  • Remote Monitoring Capabilities.
  • Coin Based Water Dispensation.
  • Integrated chiller module to give chilled water during summer.
  • Remote parametric control.
  • Automatic alerts to refill the water tank.
  • Cabinet model design for healthy, safe, durable and easy installation.

The benefit of offering this machine:

Besides earning more profit because you’re delivering a convenient service to people who want pure water. It provides pure water compared to tap water. You don’t trust the quality of the water of the tap.

You’re also promoting a healthier lifestyle. Often the villagers get sick after drinking unhealthy water. With the help of this machine, you can save those people from getting sick because the water that comes from the tap can cause illness.

It can be installed at:

  • Bus Stops
  • National Parks
  • Metro Stations
  • Railway Stations
  • Public & Private Places
  • Hospital & Nursing Homes

Machines that offered by CENZEN:

  • 500 LPH Machine
  • 250 LPH Machine
  • 150 LPH Machine
  • 100 LPH Machine
  • Water Purifiers
  • Water Dispensers
  • Water Coolers

Advantages of water vending machine:

  • It provides completely clean and healthy drinking water to everybody, without any discrimination.
  • It’s cost-effective and economical for both rural and urban zones.
  • It dispenses safe and pure water all day, around the year. Peoples can purchase water on the ‘pay per use’ basis as when they want.
  • There is also a total assurance of protected and clean drinking water which frees peoples from worries of water-borne ailments.
  • It saves time and exertion that people spend on traveling or standing in lines to bring safe and pure drinking water.
  • It diminishes the reliance of citizens on packaged drinking water, which generally is a costly choice, especially for those living in rural areas.
  • People also learn to utilize water wisely as they need to pay for it even though it is at a nominal cost.

“With many years of experience in water treatment, our goal is to help our customers develop a successful water vending business. We bring deep and functional expertise to assist investors and clients that want a machine for their retail space.

We are deeply submerged in the water world, we love it, we enjoy it and we strive to serve the best water with the best technology.”


With so many advantages offered by the water vending machine, it is bound to become the most popular product for making provision of drinking water for national parks, public locations, and locations that are unserviceable by traditional pipeline based water supply.



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