Water ATM

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Area of Application

  • Bakeries, Sweet Shops, Soft Drink Shops
  • Ice Cream Parlor, Juice Centers
  • Hotels, Hospitals, Lodge Centers
  • Fast Food Centers, Cinema Halls
  • Multiplexes, Shopping Malls
  • Bus Stop, Bus Stand, Railway Station, Metro Station
  • General Stores, Mini Supermarkets, Canteens In factories
  • Companies, Institutions and Colleges etc…


  • Providing high-quality low-cost chilled drinking fresh water.
  • No operator required so manpower cost nil.
  • User friendly, Save Water, Save Earth.
  • Power efficient.
  • Superior functionality.
  • Cost effective & durable.

Production Specification

  • Re-purification ata regular intervals which ensures that the water is pure 24/7 which makes us the unique brand in the market.
  • Multi stage water purification removes all harmful bacteria and virus present in water.
  • Water is safe for drinking even during power failures.
  • Eco-friendly, food graded raw materials, friendly maintenance and advanced product design.
  • Advanced technology protection for compressor and heater parts.
  • Direct storage tank purification at regular interval ensures pure and safe water, round the clock.
  • Advanced micro-controller ensres 100% automation and safety.
  • Adjustable ozonisation option, food graded raw materials.




Technical Specification Water ATM
Dispensing Method Coin / RFID Card
Capacity 100 LPH-500 LPH
Filtration Technology Reverse Osmosis (RO)
Inbuilt Storage Tank 100-500 Liter
Water Capacity/Day (12 Hrs.) 1200- 6000 Liter per day
Chiller Inbuilt
Raw Water Source Bore well , Municipality- Tap Water, Natural Source Water
RO Capacity 100-500 Liter Per hour
Membranes Reverse Osmosis
Overhead Storage Tank 500-5000 Liter
PP Filter 5 micron-20 micron
Total Power 0.5-2.0 KW
Material Quality Stainless Steel
Coin Operated 1,2,5,10
Smart Card Operated 1-20 Liter Water at a time by Smart Card
Software Inbuilt GSM Remote Sales Monitoring, Water level Indicator, TDS Value, PH Value, Temp of water will display on Board.
Dispensing 250 ml, 500 ml, 1 liter, 2 liter , 5 liter to 20 liter
Warranty On customer demand, 1 year
Dimension( W*D*H) Customized
Weight 100 KG-500 KG
Display Panel Display
Min/Max water temp 10/20 Degree Celsius
Quality of Produced water Potable water (WHO Standards)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

RO water will be chemically portable, but in certain times PH correction may be necessary with respective biological contamination and RO is not a proper disinfection process. Hence, suitable disinfectant should be used before consumption.

Moreover in all places Ro water is stored in overhead tanks where the water might get contaminated. Even in pipelines contamination is possible. Hence before drinking the Point Of Use (POU) system is considered to be the best form of treatment to kill bacteria & Virus is almost necessity.

Scale, scum and tidemarks around the baths and basins. The minerals contained in the hard water settle out as an unsightly deposit of hardness scale whenever the water is heated, or when cold standing water evaporates. Examples of this are:

  • Unsightly white marks, stains and scale on sinks, baths, toilet bowls and around the base of taps.
  • Blocked shower heads
  • Scale deposits on all water heating elements
  • Clogging of pipe work and premature failure of water heaters
  • Water hardness also makes it difficult to get a good lather, so much more soap is required for washing. Even after washing, clothes can be left grey and dingy, and dishes and glasses dull or smeared.

To soften water fully the minerals (calcium and magnesium) which cause hardness must be removed.

A water softener is working 24 hours a day. Because there are few working components, its life is much longer than most other domestic appliances. The frequency of servicing or maintenance will depend on the type, age and usage of the softener.

No. Installation of a softener will not affect your water charges or water charges account.

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